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Have you seen my puppy?

Ghost puppy

A strange man turns up on the doorstep asking for help with finding his dead dog . . .

I WASN’T QUITE sure what to say when I opened the door to find a smart, well dressed young man who looked well, surprisingly normal.

Only when you’re used to your doorstep somewhat bizarrely acting as a homing beacon for life’s little leftovers you kind of forget just how to deal with normals.

I needn’t have worried though as things weren’t quite as they seemed . . .

Turned out the lad had misplaced his puppy and wanted to know a) whether I’d seen it – no I hadn’t and b) would I help him look for it – no I wouldn’t. Which was probably just as well really since it soon transpired that he hadn’t actually lost his puppy in that sense. No, he’d lost it due to the small matter of it having died . . . some three months ago . . .

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