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I want to breed you

A strange farmer type turns up on the doorstep and offers a somewhat bizarre personal service . . .

OVER THE YEARS I’ve heard some pretty bizarre and downright peculiar opening lines, but ‘hello, I want to breed you!’ from a strange farmer type that turned up on the doorstep, has to be one of the strangest . . . Although, evidently he was keeping his options open because he did also offer to and I quote, ‘breed with me’ as well.

Having lived on a farm for goodness knows how many years, and grown up in the country, I’d become accustomed to the strange behaviours of some of the farming types so, tended not to ask any questions.

I just presumed he was talking about one of the animals in the nearby fields. Although since there weren’t actually any animals in the fields, nearby or otherwise, I wasn’t entirely sure. Especially since he was a tad on the over-excited side and had a rather alarming glint in his eyes.

It may very well have been the best offer I’d had all day, had it not been really quite disturbing . . .

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3 Responses to “I want to breed you”

  1. 1
    scripto says:

    Eeeew creepy! Surely he was talking bout animals – no? lol! You live in some scary place!

  2. 2
    mich says:

    You sure need a bodyguard gal!

  3. 3
    scripto says:

    Better take up Mich’s offer lol 🙂

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