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and other stories The Weird and Wonderful World of "J"


ENJOY GUSTY BLUSTS on your desktop with these unique, interactive screensavers – available for both standard or widescreen monitors.

Move your mouse over the illustrations and bring life to assorted characters and objects from the weird and wonderful world of Gusty Blusts.

All screensavers come with a choice of install options – manual [.scr] or automatic [.exe].

Gusty Blusts #1s standard monitor screensaver

Gusty Blusts Screensaver v1 standardManual install [.scr]

Auto install [.exe]

Gusty Blusts #1w widescreen monitor screensaver

Gusty Blusts Screensaver v1 widescreenManual install [.scr]

Auto install [.exe]

System requirements

Pentium III or higher, Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista, Adobe Flash Player v6 or above (learn more about Adobe Flash Player here), soundcard and Internet access*.

*Some advanced interactive aspects may require internet access only.


Manual – a detailed description of how to manually install screensavers can be found here.
Automatic – download the screensaver of your choice, run the automatic installer and follow the instructions.


All screensavers are supplied completely free for non-commercial use only.

All Gusty Blusts screensavers are the copyright of You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, nor transfer the programs, nor any subset of the programs, except as provided.


Although these files have been thoroughly scanned at all stages of development and are supplied to the best of knowledge, free of infection and error, it is advisable that you run a virus checker and back up your data prior to their installation.

Use of the Gusty Blust screensavers is entirely at your own risk. takes no responsibility for any software, hardware or computer problems that may be associated with the use.

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