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The gospel according to BT

Phone receiver

BT’s fault fixing bible . . .

IT’S NOT EVERYDAY you get a call from BT enquiring whether you’re called Matthew is it? Especially if you’re not actually called Matthew, or even a member of the male species for that matter. I know some might consider me to have a bit of a deep voice but even so I do have all the legitimate female parts in all the appropriate places. Well, they were definitely there when I got dressed this morning at least anyway.

So, when I received another phone call some five minutes later – this time enquiring as to whether I was called Mark, my first thought was to wonder just who the hell was winding me up, and my second, bordered on gender crisis.

Fifteen minutes later came the call enquiring whether I was called Luke – nice try but, no! Then get this, another twenty minutes later came a fourth, and after I’d given them a doing, what turned out to be final call, this time enquiring whether I was called John.

Now, I’m not normally paranoid but . . .

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