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Wobbling wendy house

A strange man wheels a trampolining Wendy House along the side of the road . . . in a gale . . .

GLANCING OUT of the window my attention was drawn to a strange man wheeling what can only be described as a wobbling roofless Wendy House on a wooden board, along the side of the road. In a gale.

I’m assuming the board was fixed to a pair of castors or something along those lines. Although it could have been balanced on top of a large rubber ball for all I knew. The whole thing was that absurd.

Especially since due to the combined effects of wind and undulating board momentum the Wendy House was bouncing up and down like a small excited child on a trampoline.

An effect made all the more surreal when the fella and his board disappeared behind a wall and only the Wendy House performing an assortment of airborne athletics could be seen as it travelled along up the road.

Quite where the guy had come from, where he was going or why he’d chosen to transport an item in this manner was well beyond the scope of my imagination. Although the battered remains of a broken Wendy House were found a couple of days later in a nearby field . . .

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